Established in 1936, the Electricfil company has managed to gain, during its first 20 years of existence, an excellent reputation for over-moulded electrical cords, initially for household appliances.

Then, in 1957, the family-run business has branched out into the automotive world, as interference-free components were then becoming compulsory on all new cars. In fact, a decree clearly stated that every land vehicle had to be fitted with a system that would reduce dramatically their impact on the electromagnetic waves of the various radio and TV stations.

To allow the car manufacturers to meet these challenging new rules, Electricfil developed the Bougicord ignition cable around a wirewound core that was patented as early as 1959. Thanks to this invention, the company not only entered the automotive sector; it quickly became one of the worldwide leaders among the wiresets manufacturers. 

The next step in the growth of Electricfil is also very interesting as, in 1975, it introduced the first engine management sensors (using a winding technology), and about 20 years later, the ignition coils. Today, the group – known as EFI Automotive for ease of pronunciation – still delivers its products to the main car manufacturers, all over the world. It is, in fact, the leader for engine management sensors in Europe.

Eventually, if EFI Automotive is clearly looking forward, it remains adamantly proud of its past, and the fact that its aftermarket division – EFI Automotive Service – still promotes the Bougicord brand for ignition ranges is an undeniable proof of that.