Mass air flow sensors


Located between the admission hose upstream of the throttle valve and downstream of the air filter, the mass air flow sensor measures the air quantity and temperature absorbed by the engine and sends the data to the ECU.

These data, associated with these of other sensors (such as crankshaft sensor, DPF sensor, oxygen sensor) allow the ECU to improve the fuel injection parameters, which lead to a reduction of the consumption in accordance with European regulating laws on pollution.



Within the mass air flow sensor housing, it is the combination of two sensors which permits to send to the ECU the necessary data:

  • A NTC temperature probe, composed of a resistor whose value reduces when the temperature increases within the housing.
  • A sensor sensitive to the air flow crossing the housing, sending to the ECU the air flow variations.

This ratio air/pressure is used to calculate the quantity of air needed for the admission.



Sold under the EFI SENSOR brand name, our mass air flow sensors include more than 150 SKU's (with and without housing) with a quality in line with OEM specifications. Recently launched (07/2020), this new family covers more than 90 million vehicles on the European car fleet. It represents to date the most complete offer on the European market with its coverage rate reaching 71%.