Crankshaft sensors

The role of this sensor is to measure accurately the speed rotation as well as the position of the crankshaft; it is therefore often (but not always) located near the flywheel used as – or supporting the – rotating trigger wheel.

Practically, the rotation of this trigger wheel creates variations in the magnetic flow that the sensor can detect, and the information gathered is then sent to the ECU, which can deduct que speed rotation and the position of the crankshaft. It is a very important data since it will condition the optimal moment for the injection and the set-up of the advanced firing position. In case of failure, and apart from a default code linked to engine management on the OBD, the engine will suffer from misfires and/or will refuse to start.

There are two main technologies for crankshaft sensors, and as the leader of this product range on the European OE market, EFI Automotive has a complete knowledge for both of them: Hall-effect and VRS (Variable Reluctance Sensor). As a result, to chose our crankshaft sensors means that you will select the products from an OE supplier of the largest car manufacturers, of course with the highest quality level.