Camshaft sensors

Capable of determining the position of the camshaft during each phase of its rotation cycle – to send this information to the ECU – a camshaft sensor plays therefore a crucial role in the engine management. Indeed, it allows the ECU to know the position of each valve, and to adjust accordingly in real-time the amount of fuel injected (or the right time to ignite the spark for petrol-powered engines) when the piston reaches the end of its stroke. In case of failure, it will become more difficult – or even impossible – to start the vehicle, and the engine will suffer much more misfires, and even an over-consumption. A specific default code will also be transmitted through the OBD.

 There are two main technologies for camshaft sensors, and as the leader of this product range on the European OE market, EFI Automotive has a complete knowledge for both of them: Hall-effect and VRS (Variable Reluctance Sensor). As a result, to chose our cameshaft sensors means that you will select the products from an OE supplier of the largest car manufacturers, of course with the highest quality level.

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