Other ignition parts

A « classical » ignition system is composed of several elements: a distributor, a condenser, a rotor arm, contact sets, and a distributor cap.

The distributor is used to receive the high voltage energy from the coil and to transfer it towards the spark plugs, it order to create an electrical ark. If defective, this part will cause the vehicle to stop, so it is recommended to change it every 60 000 km.

As for the condenser, it accelerates the – quick and straightforward – cut of the primary electrical power, in order to maximize the secondary voltage, and in case of failure, it will have the engine stalling often on idle, due to a lack of power. Once again, please be careful to replace this part before it breaks down completely, and the best way to do so is to change it every 60 000 km.

The rotor arm’s function is to re-direct the high voltage current to the spark plugs, and in this respect, it remains inseparable of the distributor. A replacement every 60 000 km will allow you to keep an overall ignition function working at the maximum of its capacities over the years.

Besides, the contact sets also play an important role, which is to order the decoupling of the electrical power coming from the battery, through a lifting movement at each passing of the crank, so as to allow the energy to reach the coil. In other words, a contact set activates the primary circuit with the implementation of the required periodic cut.

Eventually, for vehicles built before the mid-90s, the distributor cap works in association with the rotor arm to send the electrical power from the coil to the spark plugs. As a result, it must be replaced as soon as any failure symptoms (difficulties to start, chattering sensation from the engine, etc.) are detected, or best, every 60 000 km.

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